Why successful software implementation starts with knowing your customers.

Modern Customers

Imagine you have created a company that provides budding musical artists with a platform to create beats, tracks, and songs. You are proud of what you and your team have created. Although you believe your software is straightforward and easy to use, you begin receiving calls from frustrated customers who want a refund for their purchase. 

As your customer success team digs deeper into the issue you discover the root of your problem—confusing, and incomplete, customer onboarding instructions. This gap in onboarding leaves your users to figure things out on their own. Additionally, your team is having a difficult time organizing and scaling their onboarding communication to more than just a handful of customers at a time.

This may be a fictional company but the scenario is experienced by many software companies who haven’t invested in a consistent software implementation process. It may be called different things—onboarding process, signup flow, free trial, etc.—but it’s similar mechanics at any software company. If you haven’t dialed your software implementation process yet, then this article is for you.

What is software implementation?

You already know what it means, but for that one person who accidentally clicked on the wrong link, here’s the definition.

A software implementation process generally refers to adopting, installing, and integrating updated software into a workflow for improved operations. For businesses connecting disparate data sources (customer success notes, CRM data, website analytics, product usage, etc.) to a customer success platform is mission-critical. Customers need to know you know who they are and can help them as quickly as possible.

Anything less than this results in unsatisfied customers, poor reviews, and a decline in revenue. Software implementation is a broad term with multiple facets. One crucial way to measure software implementations is through customer onboarding processes. 

Businesses that want to create a positive customer experience must-have products and technologies that are convenient to use and easy to understand. 

Improved workflow management is integral to creating a seamless and convenient customer onboarding experience. It also directly correlates to a customer’s level of satisfaction.

5 Benefits of Improved Customer Onboarding

1. Customer satisfaction

Customers are not going to waste time on a product they aren’t completely happy with. 

Customer satisfaction is a measurement of how well your products match a customer’s expectations. Satisfaction is essential because it is an indicator of future growth and revenue. It also helps build customer loyalty. This loyalty equals repeat business and revenue. Having a  robust and straightforward onboarding process allows customers to use your product to its total capacity. This directly affects how satisfied they’re likely to be with your product.

2. Increased Revenue

A satisfied customer is more likely to purchase again or buy additional features from your business. Repeat customers create loyalty and drive sales. 

3. Improved Experience

There are many methods to create a seamless onboarding experience, such as tutorials, step-by-step guides, videos, or a knowledge base on your website. The best onboarding experiences are simple, comprehensive, and give the customers the tools to get the most out of their software purchases. 

Laying out each step is be the best way to communicate the software’s capabilities and help your customer feel they can grasp all of the tools your software applications provide.

4. More Referrals

When a customer has found a product that has solved their problems and increased their quality of life, they’ll want to tell others about it. Happy customers are the best form of PR because they will vouch for you by sharing your product with the people they trust. 

A potential customer is more likely to trust a family or friend’s referral because they've already established authenticity with that person. More customer referrals mean more satisfied customers and a network of loyal customers who stick around for years to come.

5. Reduced Churn

Customer churn refers to the percentage of customers that stopped using your company’s product or service over a specific time. There are ways to calculate churn that will tell you how many customers are not sticking around. Investing in software implementation methods such as improved onboarding processes will reduce customer churn and turn them into repeat customers. 

How workflow management platforms can help.

The onboarding experience you provide to your customers is a direct result of your business’ managed workflows. The two go hand-in-hand to create a seamless workflow for your team and a satisfying customer experience. Workflow management is of top importance for keeping your business running smoothly. How a company manages its workflows directly affects customers and team members. 

If you’re unsure how to manage your workflows and need tools to improve your customer onboarding, don’t worry! Luckily, there are companies who specialize directly in this area - transforming your CRM automation and restructuring your onboarding processes.

Hivewire is a non-coding platform for managing and onboarding workflows. It is a non-technical and flexible solution to simplify and manage team member workflows and improve customer onboarding processes. This convenient solution is indispensable in today’s world. It saves businesses time, effort, and creates a better customer experience.

Here's why customer success teams choose Hivewire for onboarding.

Visual Workflow

One of the unique ways Hivewire automates processes and creates mapped-out experiences for your team members and customers is through their visual workflow builder. This builder is a process document or flowchart that outlines the steps necessary to complete complex and significant tasks. This layout creates a visual step-by-step process to process information quickly and streamline communication.

The benefit to this type of workflow is that it doesn’t require any coding experience. It is ideal for businesses that don’t have team members with an IT background or a deep understanding of computer programming. This convenient process provides customized solutions for every unique business and its needs.

Automated CRM

Hivewire’s visual workflow builder and mapped-out processes also aid in CRM automation. Steps are organized visually so businesses can easily monitor every automation process on one interface and pinpoint what parts need improvement. This process is much more user-friendly and straightforward for businesses. You can also add automation so the right tasks are triggered at the correct time within your workflow to save time and energy and control project management.


A customized workflow allows your team to have the flexibility that fits the unique needs of your business. As your needs change, the innovative customization behind Hivewire creates a tailored workflow for the evolving needs of your business.

Time Savings

Hivewire integrates with apps your team already uses, so you don’t spend time trying to intertwine new software that isn’t compatible. Hivewire also keeps everyone on the same page with automated tasks and workflows, so team members aren’t wasting time catching up. Hivewire also gathers recreational data and analytics in a convenient dashboard, saving your team time and organizing your most important data for scalability.


Staying organized is key to saving time and creating a workflow that is built to succeed. With scheduled business operations and automated onboarding tasks, team members can better manage post-sale workflows and onboard customers in less time. The seamless integration with existing CRM helps businesses stay organized and structure their onboarding processes with ease.


Hivewire is an innovative tool that improves the customer onboarding process and accelerates value for customers and team members. Hivewire was designed with customization in mind, as it fits most businesses’ unique challenges and needs. This is ideal considering your business is only as effective as your processes. 

Investing in a workflow management tool to improve customer onboarding is the key to growing your business and generating revenue. With Hivewire, your customer success teams can breathe easy knowing customers are satisfied and they are getting the most out of your products.